Wellness Food Brand mēle Launches Whole Food Product Line For On-The-Go

Wellness Food Brand mēle Launches Whole Food Product Line For On-The-Go

New Balanced Meal In A Shake Provides Functional Nutrition
In Both Whey-Based And Plant-Based Formulas

NEW YORK, January 22, 2019 – mēle, an NYC-based wellness food brand, is reinventing the traditional “meal replacement” concept with the launch of its balanced meal in a shake made of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein. The product utilizes a freeze-dried technique to protect the cellular structure of the food, allowing it to maintain its original flavor and nutritional value. mēle is disrupting the category by pairing a delicious taste with a clean label including non-GMO, soy-free, and preservative-free ingredients plus no added sugar.

The launch also marks the brand’s expansion into the billion dollar plant-based industry. The plant-based category grew 10x faster than the broader food industry in 2018, which is a trend the company is seeing firsthand. Inspired by customer demand for a dairy-free version of mēle, each of the brand’s three flavors—Rawberry, Supergreen, and Cocoa-Nut—are offered in both grass-fed whey and plant-based options. The new plant-based flavors bring the brand’s product line to a total of six products.

mēle was created as a healthy solution to skipping meals and eating processed food. In a format designed for on-the-go consumption, it takes 30 seconds to make by mixing one mēle packet with 8 ounces of water in a shaker bottle. Offering more than just protein, the brand’s proprietary formulas provide the optimal balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and omegas, which collectively have powerful health benefits. A few of their star ingredients include organic coconut milk, organic flax seed, wheatgrass, mango, organic brown rice and pea proteins. With its low-glycemic index, mēle’s nutrient-dense ingredient profile boosts productivity, promotes gut health, and decreases hunger.
“We’ve spent over a year sourcing the highest quality ingredients, creating blends that taste delicious, and understanding our customers’ needs,” said Lauren Benbassat, CEO and Co-Founder of mēle. “They want clean, functional food that delivers a nutritionally complete option at home, in between meetings, or on a flight. We’re building mēle with integrity, transparency, and a big mission.” As a part of the company’s mission to provide better food to more people, a portion of all profits go to feed the hungry. "We have an opportunity to give back and are incredibly passionate about helping others eat and live better," added Benbassat.

mēle launched its direct-to-consumer business with 5-pack bundles of each flavor ($25; $5 per serving) and a 3-pack starter ($15) that includes one of each flavor under the two protein categories, and a shaker bottle ($8). Additionally, customizable subscriptions are available at 15% off each month and include free shipping. Customers can design their orders to include their desired flavors and quantities, as well as adjust, cancel or pause at any time.

For more information, please visit www.meleshake.com. Follow mēle on Instagram and Twitter @meleshake and Facebook  | #meleshake #makemoves


About mēle: mēle is a wellness food brand transforming how people eat every day. The brand offers a balanced meal in a shake made of dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein. It is reinventing the “meal replacement” concept with a new alternative that combines simple ingredients and a delicious taste. With its proprietary recipes, mēle aims to provide its customers with the essential macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to be productive and energized.

mēle offers three flavors—Supergreen, Rawberry, and Cocoa-nut—in both whey-based and plant-based versions. The shakes are easily made by mixing one mēle packet with 8 ounces of water in a shaker bottle. Founded by Lauren Benbassat and Adam Benbassat, mēle is leading the nutrition revolution with the philosophy that food should empower us. You can find mēle at meleshake.com.
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