About Us

The cleaner the smoothie, the better the shake.

The original idea for Realm was to find a way to make the most nutritiously-perfect, easiest smoothie in the universe. It had to be for clean eaters. It had to take less than 2 minutes to make. Oh, and it had to taste like a dream and fill you up for like 3 hours.

How it started.

A few years ago, we were too busy racing to ace life and get it all done on the run. So we ate whatever was the easiest. Which turned out to be the emptiest. And left us feeling the lowest. Or we didn’t eat anything at all because it was just too much effort. Because who has time to chew three pounds of produce in a day?

How it’s going.

Realm on the run. Don’t let skipped meals mess with your metabolism. Prepare to be unprepared with a Realm smoothie on the spot. Ripe with a nutrient-rich mix of fruits veggies, nuts and plant protein, it’s like having a nutritionist on demand. Without having to spend a kajillion dollars on produce that’ll expire in 3 days.

A shake ton of freeze-dried produce in every smoothie.

The health universe is totally freaking out about how much produce you can chug in one shake. Realm’s list of nutritional accomplishments goes down the hall and out the door. Speaking of running out the door, Realm smoothies are ready in just a few shakes. So you’ll never have to grab another damn granola bar, get crumbs all over your car, spike your blood sugar and feel hungry 30-minutes later. Blenderless is glorious.

High standards. Bye, processed.

Lauren & Elise’s to-do list:

  • Be the change we wish to see in the food industry.
  • Make it realistic. Make it sustainable. Make it traceable.
  • Simplify healthy eating for all.
  • Feed the world.

Elise & Lauren’s to-don’t list:

  • Don’t GMO
  • Don’t gluten
  • Don’t soy
  • Don’t dairy
  • Don’t add preservatives
  • Don’t add sugar
  • Don’t cut corners
  • Don’t let anyone tell us differently

Shake like you give a damn.

Our products are freeze dried and that’s really important because it means they’re non perishable and shelf stable without the use of gross preservatives. It also means we could actually feed the world. But why stop there? We could feed outer space. We could feed multi-planetary humanity.

But let’s start with our planet. Food insecurity is a problem here. That’s a fancy term for the fact that 30% of the population doesn’t have access to sufficient, or nutritious enough food. As a food brand with empathy skills we take this responsibility seriously.

Ever since we started this company, we’ve made a monthly donation to the NYC food bank where $1 = 5 meals. It takes only a little to give a whole lot.

Imagine if everyone had that perspective.