Why we dry.

We asked ourselves: how can we make a smoothie that requires no prep, no produce waste, and can be made just about anywhere?

The answer: drying real ingredients, finely crushing them, and perfecting the ultimate smoothie blend.

Meet Realm. The reinvented smoothie. It's packed with fruits, veggies, and superfoods and ready to enjoy anywhere.

The magic.

Our ingredients are made by freeze-drying or dehydrating pure, high-quality produce. This gentle drying process keeps the delicious flavors, nutrients, and natural colors of the real ingredients intact.

Before any of our fruits and vegetables are dried, they are hand-sorted, screened and sanitized to maintain the peak ripeness and freshness. They are then moved into a freeze-drying chamber (or an air dryer) for over 22 hours before being crushed, sifted and prepared for blending in our recipes.

✔ No preservatives necessary

✔ Only real ingredients

✔ Best flavor, color, nutrients

Care for quality.

Our recipes are created in-house unlike many other brands who outsource. We taste each ingredient separately before testing it as a part of the blend.

Once we build our recipes, we work with a PhD in Nutrition, a network of dietitians, and select executive chefs to perfect the final blends.


Superior Smoothie.

We created Realm for ourselves and our loved ones first. So cutting corners was never an option.

We work tirelessly to vet our US-Based food suppliers to ensure they live up to our strict standards.

All ingredients are meticulously screened for quality control, food safety, and certificates of analyses.


    Realm’s drying process means a one-year shelf-life and no produce waste. Zero hassle, zero waste.


    Because Realm is a compact powder, we aren’t shipping unnecessary water weight across the country.


    We partner with suppliers who invest in their communities through fair wages, and farming support.