PODCAST INTERVIEW with Burn Brighter Coaching

PODCAST INTERVIEW with Burn Brighter Coaching

Interview and Article by Breanne Curran of Burn Brighter Coaching


“I mean, I am BUSY!”

I heard this from at least 20 different clients last week. And they are right!

They are authors, professors, public speakers, parents, community leaders… basically great people doing kick ass stuff daily. Of course all that ass kicking work, means sometimes they forget about themselves.

That’s why I yelled “YESS!” at my iPhone (startling the couple next to me at my favorite coffee shop)

Buried in Instagram, I had just found the answer to my clients’ (and my own) biggest daily struggle - How to get healthy foods in their busy bodies, without slowing them down.

It’s called mēle. It’s pronounced MEAL and basically it’s a super healthy meal on the go. It’s so on the go, you don’t need to sit down, use utensils or even chew.

It’s a meal replacement shake chock full of all the great stuff humans need to stay healthy, especially High Performing, Uber Busy Humans!

As a Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach and Personal Trainer I’d love it if we could all sit down to a beautiful salmon and veg scramble after our morning workout OR take a leisurely lunch at the park with an awesome salad brimming with beets, arugula, spinach, avocado and turkey.

But let’s get real! That’s sooo not gonna happen.

You’ve got stuff to do, lots of it!  Work, deadlines, errands, sprint to school pick up, walk the dog, pay the bills, get that thing fixed on your car, return those emails, make that flight, show up for tonight’s event, find clean underwear and socks for tomorrow, buy laundry detergent- screw that just buy new socks and underwear… you don’t have time to do laundry!

So how the heck do you get those healthy meals in you, without totally falling behind in your day.

That’s the exact problem this busy New York Couple struggled with AND found a jaw dropping solution; mēle THE portable meal with all the healthy stuff you need without packing in the scary stuff that screws up your health.

Say hello to Lauren and Adam Benbassat.

Two people who know what it’s like to maybe grab breakfast at your coffee stop, skip lunch (to meet that deadline ,  fit in a workout (if you’re lucky) then totally crash and burn with hangry cravings at the end of the day.

They set out to solve this. After hundreds of kitchen experiments and some pretty crazy combinations they found the answer. Try not to shout “YESS!” at your smart phone as you hear all about their brilliant creation, mēle

I can’t wait for you to hear:

  • Why you can totally trust their healthy ingredients
  • How mēle fills you up and boosts mental focus
  • How you get primo quality protein,veg & healthy fats (hello antioxidants & Omega 3’s) in less than a minute
  • Why you can say sayonara to coffee shop pastries and “meh” lunches that waste time and energy.
  • How to take this anywhere with you. Travel, gym bag, conferences. No refrigeration required.
  • How Adam and Lauren use their powers for good. High Five to giving back to hungry people in need.
  • How you can get way more done, stay healthy and look fabulous:)

So, if you’re juggling more fires than Kerry Washington (Scandal)  talking fast and making people walk with you just to get in a conversation. Stop the madness! Let’s face it no one looks that good while living off wine and popcorn.

Just plug in your headphones, hit play and get the goods.



Breanne CurranBreanne Curran is a Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach, NSCA Trainer and Kettlebell Coach. 
She loves finding awesome tools that make it easy for busy people to stay lean, strong and happy with everyday. 
Find more game changing skills at burnbrightercoaching.co

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