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HIGH VS LOW GLYCEMIC FOODS: what's the difference?

It's the middle of our busy work week - we are running out the door in the morning, grabbing that quick lunch between meetings and calls, or eating that late-night treat after the office happy hour.

What are our common go-tos

Muffin and coffee? Bagel and Cream Cheese? Turkey Sandwich with chips? A slice of Pizza?  Or maybe we got that trendy green juice for breakfast but find ourselves starving an hour later only to binge eat the cookies in the breakroom?

After eating, we feel an immediate rush of energy and satiation, yet fast-forward a couple hours later, and we feel hunger pangs again and just want to fall asleep under our desk. Why though? We just ate a big meal with lots of calories – shouldn't that last longer? 

THAT is what we call a crash and burn from high-glycemic foods – our bodies get a sudden surge of quickly digestible carbohydrates that are converted to glucose in our system.  The higher the Glycemic Index of a food (pure sugar, for instance, has a glycemic index of 100), the quicker it will convert into glucose and affect your body's blood sugar and insulin levels.

Here is the issue:

We are increasingly busy people – there is so much to do, and so many products out there.  It is overwhelming and flat-out exhausting to plan and prepare high quality meals for our busy days. 

We often just completely forget to eat -– skipping meals, and bottoming out our energy, only to binge eat later with the quickest options we can find.  

Here is how we can fix it:

The most important factor in preventing energy crashes is making healthy eating the easiest possible option.  

  • Educate yourself on the right foods to eat based on their Glycemic Index (cheat sheet here).

  • Have a low-glycemic, high protein foods (like mēle) readily available so that you are able to conveniently re-fuel your body before your blood sugar bottoms out. This will help keep your energy levels sustained and keep you full for hours! 

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