NO MORE "HANGRY" DAYS: an honest review of Realm

NO MORE "HANGRY" DAYS: an honest review of Realm

Written by Molly O'Shea
Do you ever get so caught up in your day that you forget to eat? Or maybe it’s the case of you want to eat, but you don’t have time to stop and get something that will nourish your body. That’s been my life since I moved to New York 4 months ago. I love the fast paced lifestyle but man it’s hard to nourish your body properly when you’re running around all the time! Enter Realm.

I was at a wellness event a few months back when I was introduced to Realm smoothies. Intrigued by the cute packaging and free samples, I worked my way over to the table to learn more about the brand.

Realm currently offers three different flavors; Bold Cacao, Tropical Greens, and Berry Fresh. Personally, the Cacao flavor is my favorite but I wouldn’t turn down the Greens or Berry option; I’m just a sucker for cacao based drinks. After trying all of the flavors, multiple times, I was relieved when I looked at the ingredients. Realm smoothies are made up of all-natural fruits, veggies, almonds, plant protein, and coconut milk; talk about a balanced meal! Excited about the brand, I was eager to incorporate Realm into my everyday life.

Lately, my days have involved a lot of physical movement. For a solid week I would come home feeling famished. I wasn’t eating enough and if I was eating, I wasn’t getting the balance that I needed. By my second week of constantly being on my feet, I started to take Realm packs with me. Bold Cacao being my obvious first choice, I used almond milk and water with the powder. I decided to use the whole bag because I would be gone for about 4 hours and I took an RX bar as an additional snack in case I got hungry. I was very pleased with the smoothie! It tasted great and also kept me from feeling famished. I felt those midday energy dips disappear and by the time I got home for dinner; it was time for me to eat but I wasn’t starving.

For someone who is as active as I am, Realm is a great addition to my daily routine to keep me fueled. I could feel the difference on days that I would drink a Realm smoothie to days that I went without. On days that I had one, I felt like I had a base underneath me; almost like a support system. On days that I went without, I felt groggy, foggy and hangry. Let me just tell you that when I’m hangry, you do not want to be within 5 feet of me; just ask my fiancé!

I recommend Realm smoothies to anyone feeling like they are always on the go and can’t get a good meal in. Especially if you’re in the world of fitness and you need more food than the normal Joe, Realm is a great addition to your daily intake.

Molly is a health and fitness advocate that has a passion for helping others. Her ultimate goal is to support clients as they strive to make positive change.

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