Managing my Realm Subscription

With your monthly subscription, you’ll get your favorite smoothies delivered on the regular. Here are some tips for managing your account. 
First off, make sure to register your account HERE so you can easily make updates to your subscription. If you've already got one set up, you can login HERE.

Swap Flavors

You can edit the quantity or swap to another flavor by clicking on the product image on the left side of your Subscriber dashboard.


Change Next Shipping Date

Need your smoothies more often? Decide exactly when you want them by clicking “Next Charge Date” and a calendar will pop up where you can update your next shipment date.

Change Your Delivery Address

Traveling for the month or moving houses? Scroll down below "Order Now" and "Skip Shipment" and click on your shipping address to update to your new location.


Adding Flavors to Your Subscription

 Do you dig the classic Berry Banana vibes or want to feel transported to an island with Tropical Greens? You can easily add any flavor as a subscription or one-time order by hovering over the product image.