Realm | Why We're Addicted To Sugar

Why We're Addicted to Sugar. And Why We're Giving it the Boot.

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For most of human existence food was scarce. We weren’t importing berries from Mexico and grapes from Chile during the winter months.

Humans are designed to store fat when calories are abundant to prevent future starvation. All those carbs from fruits and vegetables become energy or are stored as fat to see us through until the next meal. However, today, that meal is always in a few hours.

A little sugar is ok — but our liver can’t process the quantity of sugar we eat today. Sugar is added to 74% of the processed foods in the U.S. and we now eat over 55 lbs of sugar per year.

It’s like a bar that’s overcapacity with a line out the door. When we overeat, all that glucose can’t get into our mitochondria. The glucose stuck outside (the line) triggers insulin. Persistently high insulin is not good - it prevents us from releasing stored energy in our fat. So we’re stuck with fat cells that can’t convert into energy. 

Take Action

  1. Check the label - food manufacturers are now required to report “Added Sugar.” Avoid it. That's why you won't find any added sugar in Realm. Our smoothies are naturally sweet because we use real fruits, veggies, and superfoods. 
  2. Try alternative flours (almond flour has 13g of sugar per cup compared to 92g sugar in all-purpose flour).
  3. Put protein or fat on your carbs (e.g. add nut butter or avocado to your toast) to minimize glucose spikes. All Realm smoothies are macro-balanced with the perfect blend of carbs, fat, and protein to keep you feeling full and energized. 
  4. Don’t drink sugar - sub out soda (even diet) for sparkling water and avoid fruit juices (apples have 14g sugar, but apple juice has 53g). 

Realm to the rescue!

All of our smoothies are made with only real fruits, veggies, superfoods and plant-based protein. Freeze-dried at peak ripeness for maximum nutrition and macro-balanced so your body digests slowly without a sugar spike.

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