5 easy steps to read labels like a pro, drop fear and stay healthy

Written by Breanne Curran of Burn Brighter Coaching

Packaged Foods are bad for us and Sugar is evil… right? 

That’s the reaction I get from most people. They know that sugar is bad, but aren’t sure of what exactly should concern them and why.

Now, as a girl that likes to stay lean, strong and healthy...I totally get watching sugar intake I read labels wherever I go and put a lot of products back on the shelf.

But we busy people, gotta keep it real! Sugar is in everything.

We gotta stop freaking out when we see more than 4 grams of sugar on our favorite Kombucha.

That just makes us feel like there’s no good choices in our daily life. Soo wrong!  There’s tons of good choices, we’re just missing them because we’re staring at those sugar grams.

Plus deprivation will always wreck you.  If you run from that sugar all day, you’re just gonna end up face first in a bowl of ice cream or giving yourself a mental lashing for that chocolate you snuck last night. I know I’ve been there. 

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